Name Zi-Lan
Kanji 紫蘭
Romanji Shiran
Gender Male Male
Status Dead
Professional Status
Affiliation The Sixteen Warriors of Hades Phoenix Island
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 237
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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Thousand-Day Whirlwind Mirror (千日颮鏡, Sennichi Hokyo): Zi-Lan is able to mirror his opponent's every move, using the same weaponry as his opponent. His intention is to irritate his opponent, and strike them when their guard is down. He can also use his opponent's movement against them to increase his own striking power.


Zi-Lan was one of the orphans forced to take part in the Lone Slaughter Battle and was the only survivor from among a hundred children. Later, he would be taken as one of Todo Hyoei's personal bodyguards.

During the Tenchou Gorin Daibukai, Zi-Lan would be pitted against Date Omito, who he would imitate as part of his strategy to defeat him. Initially, Zi-Lan seems successful, able to break Date's spear and even pierce him in the chest as a result of perfectly imitating his moves, irritating him and enabling Zi-Lan to create openings. However, Zi-Lan is fooled by Date's improvised technique, No Romn Mad Dog, forcing him to abandon his spear. In desperation, Zi-Lan attacked Date with a poisoned knife that would throw off his vision, and revealed that he was a survivor of the Lone Slaughter Battle. As a fellow survivor, Date empathized with him, causing Zi-Lan to admit his defeat.

Major Battles Edit

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


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