Todo Gouki
Toudou Gouki (Pachi-Slot)
Name Todo Gouki
Kanji 藤堂豪毅
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation The Sixteen Warriors of Hades Phoenix Island


Personal Status
Relatives Todo Hyoei (adoptive father)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 206
Japanese Voice Kōji Totani (PS2 game)
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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Gouki trained at Cang-long Temple (蒼龍寺, Soryuji), the polar opposite of Wang-hu Temple where Tsurugi Momotaro trained. He can perform the following techniques:

Thousand Crack Fist (千烈拳, Senretsuken): Gouki can throw a barrage of punches faster than the eye can see.

Rising Ki Dragon Spirit (暹氣龍魂, Shinki Ryukon): Gouki's strongest technique and the arcane art of Cang-long Temple. Gouki focuses his Ki into his blade, then releases it as a shockwave in the form of a dragon. Due to its power, Gouki cannot use this technique multiple times in a short period. This technique is on par with the Rising Ki Tiger Spirit of Wang-hu Temple.


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