Ti Jie
Ti Jie
Name Ti Jie
Kanji 體傑
Romanji taiketsu
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mt. Liang
Partner Tou Jie
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 180
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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Dark Hell Pan Clan Fist (瞑獄槃家流, Meigoku Hankeryu): Along with Tou Jie, Ti Jie is a practitioner of what is known as the mightiest killing fist of all Chinese history. Ti Jie has performed the following techniques:

  • Dance of a Thousand Palms (千掌舞, Senshobu): A rapid attack in which Ti Jie strikes with his index and middle fingers.
  • Running Eyelash Rending Spinning Ball (奔睫旋裂球, Honsho Senretsukyu): Ti Jie affixes a stick with a sphere at the end to his chest, balances on the sphere, and spins around like a top at such high speeds that his opponent only sees a circle of rapidly-spinning fists.


Major Battles Edit

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


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