Shan Yan
Shan Yan
Name Shan Yan
Kanji 山艶
Romanji Sanen
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mt. Liang
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 194
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Shan Yan is the second of the Three Heads of Mt. Liang.


Shan Yan has long, black hair and wears a bright-colored Hanfu robe with extremely wide sleeves. His face is effeminate and soft-featured. He uses metal fans as his weapon, as well as a short, curved dagger with a unique grip; instead of a hilt, it has a rectangular handle, with the blade extending from the back of Shan Yan's hand.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Way of the Flying Falcon (鶻宙身の法, Kacchushin no Ho): One of the apex techniques of Chinese kung-fu. Shan Yan is able to make himself effectively weightless by leaping off of an object the instant before his body weight shifts to that object. He can use this to leap off of objects that would normally be unable to stand his weight.

  • Flying Falcon Killing Fan Dance (鶻宙扇舞殺, Kacchu Senbusatsu): Shan Yan sends countless bladed fans floating through the air, and leaps from fan to fan, delivering attacks from above.

Evil Monster Killing Mask (凶獬面閶殺, Kyokai Menshosatsu): Shan Yan creates a smokescreen and puts on a Hannya mask. Though seemingly no more than an intimidation tactic, in reality he puts the Hannya mask on the back of his head, wears his clothing backwards, and disjoints his arms and legs to twist them 180 degrees. He then lures his opponent into attacking him from behind, when really they are attacking head-on, allowing him to deliver a lethal blow with their guard down.


Major Battles Edit

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


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