Rajah Mahal
Rajah Mahal
Name Rajah Mahal
Kanji ラジャ・マハール
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation The Sixteen Warriors of Hades Phoenix Island
Personal Status
Pets Punjab
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 213
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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Lama Yoga (ラーマ・ヨガ): An ancient style of combat said to be one of the miracles of the world, which pushes the body to its utmost limits. Through Lama Yoga, Mahal can even change his bone structure, allowing him the flexibility to change shape at will. It is also known as "black yoga", and one master of Lama Yoga can match a thousand soldiers. Mahal can perform the following Lama Yoga techniques:

  • Muscle Contraction Fire (張発筋彪射, Chohatsu Kinbyosha): A counter technique. Mahal reshapes his muscles around his opponent's weapon to make it appear like he had been hit, then when his opponent is off-guard, he rebounds the weapon against his opponent.
  • Free-Controlled Mighty Hair Attack (如意驍髪襲, Nyoi Kyohatsushuu): Mahal is not only able to grow his hair as he pleases, but can also make it as hard as steel. This allows him to attack his opponent with his hair, or wrap it around his opponent.
  • Extending Storm Nail Pierce (藭嵐伸爪貫, Kyuran Shinsokan): Mahal can instantly elongate his fingernails to pierce his opponent.

Elephant-Controlling Massacre Combat (操象戮狟闘法, Sozo Rikukan Toho): Mahal has trained his elephant Punjab to become incredibly agile for an elephant, and uses him as a powerful force in combat.

  • Nose Lengthening (晨襣張, Shinbicho): While elephants are able to momentarily extend their trunk to double its length, Punjab has been trained to extend his trunk to ten times its original length, and maintain that length. He fights with a weapon attached to the end of his extended trunk.


Major Battles Edit

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


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