Otokojuku Gaiden: Date Omito
Date Volume 1
Otokojuku Gaiden: Date Omito
Kanji 男塾外伝 伊達臣人
Form Manga
Volumes 1
Year Released 2014-
Magazine Bessatsu Manga Goraku

Manga Goraku Special

Demographic Seinen
Author Akira Miyashita

Chiwa Omatsu

Otokojuku Gaiden: Date Omito (男塾外伝 伊達臣人) is a spin-off to Otokojuku focused on Date Omito. It was drawn by Chiwa Omatsu, though Akira Miyashita was credited as writer, and published in Nihon Bugeisha's Bessatsu Manga Goraku from May to December 2014, and Manga Goraku Special from March 2015 on, following the former's discontinuation.


This manga focuses on Date Omito's journeys and trials following his expulsion from Otokojuku, his first meeting with the Three Fists, Raiden, Hien, and Gekkou, and more.

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