Minmei Publishing
Name Minmei Publishing
Kanji 民明書房
Romanji Minmei Shobo
Leader Okouchi Minmeimaru
Affiliation None
Base of Operations Japan
Status Active
First Appearance
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Minmei Publishing is the company that publishes most of Otokojuku's textbooks, as well as many other books related to the practice of kung-fu, some more credible than others. Their first and most famous work is Magical and Mysterious Fists of the World. Excerpts from Minmei Publishing books are often used in the Otokojuku series as explanations and backstories for the bizarre and outlandish martial arts, artifacts, or arenas used in the series.




Akatsuki!! Otokojuku onwards

Sora Yori Takaku

Published WorksEdit

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