Kou Jiu-shi
Kou Jiu-shi
Name Kou Jiu-shi
Kanji 寇鷲使
Romanji Ko Shushi
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Baolong Black Lotus Pearls
Personal Status
Pets Fan-fei
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 140
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Kou Jiu-shi is a member of the Baolong Black Lotus Pearls, who fights alongside his eagle Fan-fei.


Jiu-shi is a diminutive man in stereotypical Manchurian garb, including a Manchurian-style suit and velvet hat, slanted eyes, and a Fu Manchu mustache. His hair is long on the sides and completely bald on top. He carries a double-tipped spear with crescent-moon blades on each end.

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Being a member of the Baolong Black Lotus Pearls, Jiu-shi is, for the most part, a ruthless and emotionless killing machine. However, he also appears to have somewhat of a Napoleon complex, as he is extremely sensitive to comments on his height and reacts to them violently.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Flying Assault Sickle Spear (飛吊襲鎌槍, Hicho Shurenso): Jiu-shi delivers a quick attack with his double-headed sickle, with his feet clutched in Fan-fei's talons to give him the speed of the eagle.


Jiu-shi took part in the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament. During the first round of the tournament, he faced off against Akashi Goji following the defeat of Zhang-feng. He first used his eagle Fan-fei to overwhelm Akashi with his speed, but after Akashi called him a midget, he decided to coat the arena in gasoline and set it on fire. Before dropping a match on the gasoline, he gave Akashi the chance to beg for mercy, but when Akashi refused to back down, Jiu-shi dropped the match and engulfed Akashi in flames. After the flames died down, Jiu-shi dismounted from Fan-fei to search for Akashi's body. However, Akashi had survived, and hit Jiu-shi on the head with the flat of his blade, giving him a rather prominent lump. Enraged, Jiu-shi once again mounted Fan-fei and swooped at Akashi, but Akashi cut off all of Fan-fei's feathers with one swing of his sword, causing Jiu-shi and Fan-fei to fall into the abyss.

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