Name Horus
Kanji ホルス
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Pharaoh Sphinx
Partner Seti
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 162
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Horus is the Right Arm of the Twin Sphinx, one of the elite guards of Pharaoh and among the strongest fighters of Pharaoh Sphinx.


Horus is first introduced wearing a helmet with a large plume and a mask depicting the face of a raven. In addition, he is wearing a Wesekh collar and armor on his shoulders, wrists, waist, and knees. He soon removes the helmet to reveal an effeminate face with long, wavy black hair, thick makeup, and a metal band on his forehead.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Blackbird Devil Control Technique (黒烏魔操術, Kokuu Masojutsu): Horus can control a flock of crows, which he can both use as a means of flight and attack.

  • Grief of Champollion (シャンポリオンの嘆き, Champollion no Nageki): Horus has his crows wrap his opponent in bandages made out of sturdy hemp. Once Horus' opponent has become a living mummy, he finishes the job by setting the bandages on fire.

Riddle of the Sphinx (スフィンクスの謎, Sphinx no Nazo): Horus confounds his opponent with the following riddle:

The black devil that comes from the darkness brings him eternal darkness where he cannot see the light of day or the stars of night, and amidst the terror of darkness, he hears the resounding melody of death as the fangs of the venomous snake bite him and he dies in agony…

He then has a crow blind his opponent with smoke that paralyzes his opponent's optic nerve, then has all his crows ring bells to throw off his opponent's sense of hearing, and finally delivers the killing blow with venom-tipped nails, revealing that the answer to the riddle is, in fact, his opponent.


Major Battles Edit

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


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