Hong Li-Ming
Hong Li-Ming
Name Hong Li-Ming
Kanji 洪 礼明
Romanji Hon Rinmei
Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Affiliation The Sixteen Warriors of Hades Phoenix Island
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 213
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Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Puppet Silent Surging Strings (傀儡窕彭糸, Kugutsu Chohoshi): Li-Ming throws needles at his opponent's nerve centers. These needles are attached to steel wires, which Li-Ming uses to control his opponent like a marionette.

Thousand-Pace Ki Fist (千步氣功拳, Senpo Kikoken): Li-Ming is capable of firing his Ki at his opponent in the shape of a giant hand-chop. While this usually takes fifty years to master, Li-Ming mastered it in ten. However, his Ki fist is considered by Edajima to be incomplete, with their power owing more to the number of fists he is able to throw rather than the sheer power of any single one of them.


Major Battles Edit

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


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