A Real Man Dies Smiling! The Gutsy Togashi Clashes with the Beautiful Man Hien
Episode 19
Episode Information
Romaji Otoko wa Waratte Shinu! Do Konjō Togashi ga Utsukushiki Otoko Hien to Gekitotsu
Kanji 男は笑って死ぬ! ド根性富樫が美しき男飛燕と激突
Air date July 11, 1988
Author Akira Miyashita
Production Toei Animation
Screenplay Hiroshi Toda
Direction Oba Hideaki
Animation Director Takahashi Akinobu
Art Tomoko Yoshida
Opening Theme Yogorecchimatta Kanashimi Ni
Ending Theme Ikujidai Arimashite
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