Name Edogawa
Gender Male Male
Age unknown (deceased)
Professional Status
Occupation Etajima Naval Academy Special Course Student
Personal Status
Relatives Edogawa (descendent)
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Wikipedia:
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Edogawa is the oldest student at Etajima Naval Academy's Special Course.


Edogawa appears almost identical to his descendent at Otokojuku, with the fat belly, smiling face, and wild hair. Image Gallery


Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Like his descendent who would later enroll at Otokojuku, Edogawa is introduced as a second-year student at his institution, in this case Etajima Naval Academy's Special Course. During the Hades Festival's "Pillar Trip to Hades" race, Edogawa slides down the hill with the other first- and second-years on the same log, almost blatantly disregarding his classmates falling off the log and marveling at his skills in manipulating the log. Edogawa then tries to strangle Edajima Heihachi with a whip, only to have this hold broken by Daigouin Shoki and the third years, who slide down to save Edajima. Edajima's narrow victory later causes Edogawa to faint and urinate in his pants. Later, he and the other students of the Special Course celebrate Edajima and Daigouin's safe return from their duel on top of the log.

Edogawa later serves on board the submarine that is redesigned by Edajima. When Edajima uses his submarine's engines to evade torpedoes fired by the American submarine Moby Dick and runs out of power as a result, and hearing that they can use the enemy's sonar to their advantage, Edogawa volunteers to lure the torpedoes away from their submarine so that the other crew members will have time to charge it. Edogawa uses a pan and ladle and produces sound waves to lure the torpedoes to himself, giving his submarine time to charge up and for Edajima to fire torpedoes back at the Moby Dick. Edogawa dies in the process, becoming Edajima's first life lost in the war.

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