Baolong Black Lotus Pearls
Name Baolong Black Lotus Pearls
Kanji 宝竜黒蓮珠
Romanji Poron Kokurenju
Leader Deng Fu-jie
Affiliation None
Base of Operations China
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 139
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The Baolong Black Lotus Pearls are an assassin syndicate that originated in the Baolong Peninsula, and have since spread to the rest of the world. They are ruthless killers who take pride in killing with absolute precision.


The Baolong Black Lotus Pearls were Otokojuku's first opponents on Hades Phoenix Island during the Great Heaven-Challenging Olympic Tournament. Three of their members, Zhang-feng, Kou Jiu-shi, and Feng Chun, were easily dispatched by Akashi Gouji, while the twins A-men and Um-men were barely defeated by the team of Togashi Genji and Toramaru Ryuji. Finally, J knocked out the nine remaining assassins at once within 10 seconds, before finally fighting and defeating their leader, Deng Fu-jie.

While Fu-jie later left the Black Lotus Pearls to join Otokojuku, there is no mention of the fate of the Black Lotus Pearls following their fight against Otokojuku. They were also not listed among the teams participating in Armageddon. It is possible that they disbanded following their defeat.


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